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GMarks - Google Bookmarks for Android

GMarks is my first Android app.  I wrote it (1) to learn Android, and (2) because Android has no native bookmark backup solution, and Google has never released a native app for Google Bookmarks.  So it seemed like a reasonable project.  I did my best to utilize as many Android features as possible, where appropriate, which let me cover a lot of ground.  GMarks uses:

  • Live Folders
  • Full-text ...

Introducing the Python Web Console

I'd like to show off my latest project - the Python Web Console!

It's inspired by sites like the Groovy Web Console and TryPython.  Since I teach a Python programming class, I wanted to create an application for my students to experiment and share scripts they write. 

Ironically, the site is written using Java (not Python) for Google AppEngine.  The reason for this is, I've been ...

I Wrote the Code for this Blog

Well, not all of it.  The software for this blog is a derivative of Bloog, originally written by Bill Katz.  It runs entirely on Google AppEngine for Python, and it is completely open source.  I took Bill's code and forked it on GitHub, and worked on a lot of improvements over the the course of several months. 

Here are a few of the more significant changes I ...