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Home automation with is a demo I created that parallels in many ways the work I do during my day job: push-based device control and telemetry. a web app and client software that let you monitor environmental sensors (in this case temperature, light and occupancy) and also allows toggling relays.  It also uses technology that is accessible to the average joe: Google AppEngine for the UI, the ...

Using Smack XMPP with JAXB

So it I've looked a few times in the past, trying to find a decent way to use JAXB with the Smack XMPP library for Java.  More to the point, I wanted to write a Smack provider to parse a custom IQ message, but use JAXB to unmarshal the IQ body.  Should be doable. 

Nobody on the Smack forums had seemed to figure out a way to ...