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Articles tagged with 'REST'

Tweet your Project status with Maven and Groovy

I saw a tweet from Tim_Yates a while ago about keeping track of Groovy plugin releases.  Well, what if each plugin project had its own Twitter feed?

That's essentially what I've done for the HTTPBuilder project, my solution for making the complexities of HTTP both simple and accessible from Groovy.  HTTPBuilder automatically 'tweets' every time I publish a release as part of the build process. 

I ...

RESTful File Upload for AppEngine

Google's AppEngine is an awesome platform for simple web apps. Unfortunately one of the more glaring limitations is the lack of filesystem access. Fortunately, their robust data storage API can make up for the omission in many cases.

The Use Case

I wanted to have integrated image hosting for this blog so I wrote a REST handler to upload and serve image files for GAE's Python ...