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Upload to S3 with Groovy

So, uploading to S3 is not always as simple as it should be. Here's a completely self-contained Groovy script that can upload files to your S3 bucket, plus provide a signed link to access the uploaded file.

The script uses Groovy's Grab macro to download the JetS3t library which does the heavy lifting.

/* Script to manipulate S3 objects. 
 * @author Tom Nichols
 * @see ...

Groovy and! is a cool little thing; you can't look at two or three of the demos on their site before you realize it's really neat.  Not to mention it's designed as a compliment to Wiring, the language used to program the Arduino and a number of other DIY hardware platforms. 

So suffice to say, Processing is a compelling alternative to Flash for at least ...