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Home automation with is a demo I created that parallels in many ways the work I do during my day job: push-based device control and telemetry. a web app and client software that let you monitor environmental sensors (in this case temperature, light and occupancy) and also allows toggling relays.  It also uses technology that is accessible to the average joe: Google AppEngine for the UI, the ...

Qirk: A Cross-Platform QR Scavenger Hunt Game

Update: I've renamed the app qirk - and you can create your own games at  It's still pretty rough around the edges but it's finally launched so everyone can try it out!

Just last weekend was the 7th Wooly Fair, an arts and culture festival in Providence, RI.  My wife was asked to perform, and I went with her to planning meetings to see ...

Mobile Style Sheet: the Latest Blog Improvement

As I've mentioned before, I've made a lot of improvements to the blog engine that powers this site.  My latest enhancement is a mobile style sheet so the site looks just as good on an Android or iPhone as it does on a PC. 

The content is identical to what is served to a non-mobile client.  There's no user-agent detection going on, just CSS overrides ...

Introducing the Python Web Console

I'd like to show off my latest project - the Python Web Console!

It's inspired by sites like the Groovy Web Console and TryPython.  Since I teach a Python programming class, I wanted to create an application for my students to experiment and share scripts they write. 

Ironically, the site is written using Java (not Python) for Google AppEngine.  The reason for this is, I've been ...

I Wrote the Code for this Blog

Well, not all of it.  The software for this blog is a derivative of Bloog, originally written by Bill Katz.  It runs entirely on Google AppEngine for Python, and it is completely open source.  I took Bill's code and forked it on GitHub, and worked on a lot of improvements over the the course of several months. 

Here are a few of the more significant changes I ...