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Happy 2015

Er, wait, it's almost 2016!  Anyway, I've lately felt compelled to write something, in part because I haven't been doing much open source or work that I can otherwise publish.  

What I've been doing lately:  At VoltServer, I'm back in embedded land, writing C firmware which I actually find sort of fun, if not tedious occasionally for lack of the comforts we take for granted in high-level development.  Most of my time is more traditional web-based code though, and I've had some great experience with ES6, React.js and Redux. More to come on that topic soon.

I spent a good portion of 2014 working on a medium-scale Rails application, which I have to say Rails 4 has a really streamlined system for data-driven web apps.  Except for the client-heavy bit, you're on your own there.  But since it's embarrassingly easy to make REST-based apps with Rails, just toss in your front-end of choice (Angular, Backbone, etc.) 

Way back in 2013, I sold Marco Polo (mostly the name, but also the code assets) to who must have been working as a proxy for these folks.  Too bad the product seems to have stalled...

Anyway, more coming soon, I partially just need to make sure this blog still works since it's an AppEngine app that I've neglected for literally 5 years or more...

*hits publish*