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Articles from the year 2013

Social Widget for Android - Privacy Policy

This is the simple TOS and privacy policy for my Social Widget for Android:

1.  I don't collect any information from the app.  No tracking, no ads. 

2.  No information is sent to any server, except requests from the app to retrieve your feed.

3.  This app will always be free.  I might release a paid version with more features, but I promise I'll never remove ...

Making progress on the new Android App!

Here a shot of the widget on the lockscreen:

And here's a view of Twitter post details (including linked photo previews, and linked @mentions and #hashtags!)

Hoping to release v1 soon!

Android Social Widget

Because all of the social homescreen widgets out there suck, and I hate opening the Twitter app.  The default FB and Twitter widgets aren't even scrollable. 

LauncherPro has a good one but it only works if you use the LauncherPro home screen, and it is constantly unresponsive.  (It must be doing DB/ network fetching in the UI thread...  Naughty!) 

So naturally, I write my own.

I will ...

Home automation with is a demo I created that parallels in many ways the work I do during my day job: push-based device control and telemetry. a web app and client software that let you monitor environmental sensors (in this case temperature, light and occupancy) and also allows toggling relays.  It also uses technology that is accessible to the average joe: Google AppEngine for the UI, the ...