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New App for Android: the MyTracks Social Plugin!

I've been cycling a lot, and I use the wonderful, free MyTracks Android app to record my trips. I have friends that use Nike+, and I see them frequently posting their track stats to Facebook and Twitter.  While MyTracks has the ability to "share" tracks, it's admittedly a bit tedious.  I wanted MyTracks to automatically post status updates whenever I save a new track.

Enter the MyTracks Social Plugin!  It automatically launches in the background after you save a new track in MyTracks.  Once it's set up, you won't see anything except a simple notification when the track is posted.  Simple, easy, and completely transparent!  

Currently the app only posts your stats (distance and time) but I might also add the ability to automatically post to Google Maps and customize the posted message in future updates if the app is reasonably popular.

The MyTracks Social Plugin is available for $.99 in the Android Market.  Please leave a comment if you have questions or suggestions.

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