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Protip: with dd-wrt

If you're using DD-WRT with DNSmasq and "No DNS rebind" enabled (the default,) add the following to "Additional DNSmasq options" to allow to work:

Then save and apply settings in DD-WRT.  Alternately you can directly edit dnsmasq.conf.  Give it a quick test with


This probably also works for similar services like, nip ...

Happy 2015

Er, wait, it's almost 2016!  Anyway, I've lately felt compelled to write something, in part because I haven't been doing much open source or work that I can otherwise publish.  

What I've been doing lately:  At VoltServer, I'm back in embedded land, writing C firmware which I actually find sort of fun, if not tedious occasionally for lack of the comforts we take ...

Browser MVC frameworks in a couple images

In deciding which client side MVC framework to choose, it's enlightening to look at the Github stats for the main contenders:  Angular, Ember and Backbone/ Marionette.  My main goal was to try to ascertain community momentum & relative maturity of these solutions.



By looking at the above, Ember also has some pretty good velocity and set of core contributors.

Backbone & Marionette

For Backbone, I needed to ...

Batch Photo Thumbnail Creation for FancyBox

A quick script I wrote to batch create photo thumbnails for use with FancyBox.  This means each thumbnail gets the same filename with '_m' appended before the extension.  It uses the ImageMagick command-line tool convert to perform the actual image processing.

#!/usr/bin/env python

import sys, os, subprocess

def convert(directory=None, size='300x300'):

 if not directory: directory = os.getcwd()
 print('Dir: %s' % directory)

 if not size ...

Please build this: A Mobile app to replace Grocery Loyalty Cards and Coupons

Grocery stores need to build a decent mobile app.  This idea seems incredibly obvious, so it pains me that none of the major grocery chains have done it (at least that I know of... if someone has, please let me know I will shop there!)  Here's why...

Little keychain barcode fobs suck and so do paper circulars. 
Making a weekly shopping list is a chore, especially when ...