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Browser MVC frameworks in a couple images

In deciding which client side MVC framework to choose, it's enlightening to look at the Github stats for the main contenders:  Angular, Ember and Backbone/ Marionette.  My main goal was to try to ascertain community momentum & relative maturity of these solutions.



By looking at the above, Ember also has some pretty good velocity and set of core contributors.

Backbone & Marionette

For Backbone, I needed to ...

Batch Photo Thumbnail Creation for FancyBox

A quick script I wrote to batch create photo thumbnails for use with FancyBox.  This means each thumbnail gets the same filename with '_m' appended before the extension.  It uses the ImageMagick command-line tool convert to perform the actual image processing.

#!/usr/bin/env python

import sys, os, subprocess

def convert(directory=None, size='300x300'):

 if not directory: directory = os.getcwd()
 print('Dir: %s' % directory)

 if not size ...

Please build this: A Mobile app to replace Grocery Loyalty Cards and Coupons

Grocery stores need to build a decent mobile app.  This idea seems incredibly obvious, so it pains me that none of the major grocery chains have done it (at least that I know of... if someone has, please let me know I will shop there!)  Here's why...

Little keychain barcode fobs suck and so do paper circulars. 
Making a weekly shopping list is a chore, especially when ...


Check out my open source report card.  Pretty neat use of the Github API.

Deploying Octopress on Amazon S3

So a number of folks have described how to use Octopress with S3.  However most of them don't describe how to easily publish to S3, or require an external command-line tool to upload the generate files.  I solved this by using the aws/s3 gem and creating a new rake task. 

rake deploy_s3[blog]  # deploys all blog files

I also added a task to ping Google and ...